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Elizabeth (Betsy) Stelck
Member Since: March 1963
Occupation: Runs Knollwood Preschool in Northridge

Fun Fact: Mrs. Stelck was on two TV shows on NBC in the 1950s — Barn Party with Willard Scott and The Little Playhouse. "Cindy Lou" (pictured with Mrs. Stelck) was on Barn Party with her!

Why did you first join the Credit Union?
My husband was a new History Professor at San Fernando Valley State College at that time. We had just moved to the area and he knew many of the people responsible for starting the credit union. He had heard good things so we opened a savings account. It seemed like a very reliable place for us so we thought we would try it out. It was so satisfactory and we were so happy. We were very much in favor of joining the credit union, and a lot of our friends at the time had joined as well. The people there were very, very helpful. The college had two temporary buildings when we came out to California and Zelzah was not even a street then, it was really just a road with holes in it! Shortly after that we opened a school — we've actually opened a total of four schools over the years.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
When we opened up the accounts for the schools, we were so happy with the results. The service was tremendous and they worked so closely with us. I want to emphasize the personal service. Everyone is so helpful, always with a big smile. When you have a question you can call and the staff is so wonderful.

I also opened college accounts for my grandchildren. There was no other place that I even considered. They are very good about working with my daughters who are out of state. I really appreciate that. A lot of our teachers bank with Matadors as well and they enjoy it very much.

How has the Credit Union helped you over the years?
Unfortunately a few months ago we had checks stolen from our mailbox. They forged the preschool's name on the checks and cashed them. The credit union followed up with us immediately and I was so appreciative. It seems like such a warm atmosphere there and any time I have a problem, I call Penny in Member Services and she takes care of it for me.

We know that the credit union has always been a source of security for us. It's nice to know there are people there that are so reliable to work with us and my daughters.

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