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Don Cameron
Member Since: 1963
Occupation in 1963: Political Science Professor at San Fernando Valley State College

Account(s) Opened: Savings Account

What was the credit union like when you joined?
I remember the first meeting the credit union had with Stan McElderry, who was the school's librarian. He had worked with another credit union and wanted to start one here. Initially we were asked to sign up to start an account, with Payroll Deduction — money taken out of our monthly salary check.

I was also on the Board for the Credit Union in the mid 1960s as well for a short time.

Why did you join the credit union as opposed to a bank or another financial institution?
I think it was mainly Stan and other important people on campus who were selling the point that a credit union was a valuable asset to have on campus.

Also, Jim Cleary, who was President of the credit union in 1969, finished a rewrite on the 9th edition of the Robert's Rules of Order. He had been Parliamentarian for the National Credit Union League in Wisconsin. He came out here from the University of Wisconsin and became very busy as the president so he trained some of us to become Parliamentarians. So I took over that role. I was Parliamentarian for the National Credit Union League for maybe 10 or 15 years. That was a big operation. The credit union movement was really growing in those years, and so that was an interesting assignment.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
The Credit Union has been one of the most remarkable success stories of recent years. Those who were instrumental in the founding of the Credit Union would be very pleased with its steady progress over the past half-century. I have been happy with the service I've received over the years.

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