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Donald Salper
Member Since: 1964
Occupation in 1964: Assistant Professor of Speech Communications at San Fernando Valley State College

What was the Credit Union like when you joined? We opened our account our first year here. It was a very small office when we first opened our account.

Why did you join the credit union as opposed to a bank or another financial institution?
I’ve just always had a good feeling about the credit union from the very beginning. It felt somehow more intimate, and a friendly place to come rather than a regular bank. I feel that way every time I come in. Because it feels like an easy place and everybody I’ve ever dealt with there has been friendly and easy to work with.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
I’ve never had a reason not to stay. Somewhere along the way, you helped finance a car or two for us and that went very smoothly. The credit union is close by and easy to deal with. We’ve gotten traveler’s checks through the years, especially early on and that’s worked out fine. It’s just a good place to deal with.

We had one of our cards compromised a few years ago and we had to come in and change our code and so on. The credit union stopped the fraud right away and we never had any trouble. Someone once stole a check and we were never charged for that, even though it was cashed. I’ve never had a feeling that we are in danger financially with the credit union. You don’t have a lot of charges like some banks do. It feels comfortable.

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