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Eunice Bagel
Member Since: 1968
Occupation in 1968: Clerk/Typist in the Education Department at San Fernando Valley State College

What was the Credit Union like when you joined? We were in the little bungalows on campus over on Zelzah and the credit union was a few doors away from us. The women that I worked with all used the credit union.

In those days, it was fun to bank at the credit union. There were just a few gals there at the time, and everybody was just so nice in the little bungalows. They really broke their necks to help you. It was just a happy time. I was so thrilled when they opened the credit union.

Why did you join the credit union as opposed to a bank or another financial institution?
I was always complaining about the bank, and my co-workers all said to me, why don't you don't the credit union? I finally got so fed up with the bank, I joined the credit union and I've been there ever since! The credit union employees know me, they know my accounts, and I can go in and do transactions with no problems.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
I've been very satisfied with the credit union. Everybody there is so nice, that's the truth! The people that work there are so helpful. It's so easy to deal with MCCU instead of a bank. There's such a difference, you have no idea.

We've had all of our car loans with MCCU. I've never had a problem; we always got approved right away, and were able to get the car we wanted. The credit union really makes life easy for me. The employees are so knowledgeable and so gracious — I'm never afraid to ask questions.

They make life easy, that's all I can say. Everything is so complicated in this world, especially when you get older. The credit union has been a lifesaver for someone like me.

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