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Kenneth Kones
Member Since: 1968
Occupation in 1968: Assistant Professor, Biology at San Fernando Valley State College

Why did you first join the Credit Union? I joined the credit union because it was perfect. It was free of red tape, and really was more like a family operation. I knew people on the Board and the staff, and it was so small at the time. I remember I came in once to get a car loan and the check was ready before I submitted my paperwork!

How has the Credit Union helped you over the years?
One of the strengths of the credit union over the years has been the staff. Even now, the staff behind the scenes and behind the teller counter are, without fail, so helpful, supportive, and polite.

Years ago, our daughter was 12 and had kidney disease. We had to take her to L.A. for dialysis three times a week and gas was very pricey so we had to get a smaller car. It was really an emergency situation for us, and the credit union helped us to get our loan quickly.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
As I mentioned, the people at the credit union are so helpful and polite. I dealt with the credit union because it was (and is) a better place to keep our savings and keep extra cash for home improvements or if we needed a new car. The banks are so impersonal and the credit union never was. The rates have also been better at the credit union. MCCU is really part of our life now; I don’t see why we would ever leave.

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