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Kenneth Wilson
Member Since: March 1965
Occupation in 1965: Biology Professor at San Fernando Valley State College

What was the credit union like when you joined?
It was a one-person office when I joined. George Hawkes, who was a professor in Accounting, operated the credit union out of his faculty office in the Sierra Tower. He was it, other than the Board.

Why did you join the credit union as opposed to a bank or another financial institution?
I wanted a loan, and I had an account at the State Employees #2 Credit Union but it was in Downtown Los Angeles. When the Matadors opened up I started using them. The credit union at the University was much more convenient for me to use.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
Other banks kept moving around and changing, and changing their policies. The Credit Union was a more steady and predictable place for me to bank. MCCU has just always been convenient and has been a dependable place I can rely on.

Do you have any interesting stories about the Credit Union?
You helped me finance a couple of automobiles over the years. Also, in the 1970s I was not just a member; I was on the Credit Committee for quite a while.

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