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Linda Fidell
Member Since: August 1969
What was your occupation at San Fernando Valley State College?
I started work at San Fernando Valley State College in 1968 as an assistant professor in psychology.

Why did you first join the Credit Union?
I joined the credit union within the first year of joining the college after an unpleasant experience with Bank of America, who had messed up our account; we eventually got a letter of apology from them, but by then we didn't want anything more to do with them. The credit union seemed much more approachable.

How has the Credit Union helped you over the years?
Over these 45 years, the people at the credit union have been unfailingly courteous and helpful. They have always met my needs and been cheerful about it, even those sometimes involving other currencies and the like. Once I put too much money in my SEP IRA, a problem for both me and the credit union; they remedied the problem without complaint (although the error was mine) and I was very grateful.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
I feel like I have friends at the credit union, people who will help me out if I get into some mess or another. I really don't think the large corporations are going to be anything like as accommodating. We live in Morro Bay now, but I still use MCCU as my main banking facility. My banking is all by mail now but I do call in from time to time with some issue or another. I'm always pleased when I manage to get Penny on the phone; I think she goes back about as far as I do and I really think of her as a friend.

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