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Melissa Broadwell
COO and Senior Vice President
Administration & Operations
What year did you start working at the credit union?

What was your first position at the credit union?

What made you want to work for MFCU?
My next door neighbor worked as a loan officer at MFCU and she recommended that I apply for a teller position. I started at the credit union 3 days after moving to LA…. and have been here ever since!

What do you think separates MCCU from our competition?
So many things, but I think the members appreciate our staff the most. Our staff knows the members by name when they walk in, and members frequently request to speak to certain employees only because they know them so well.

What have been some of your memorable moments at the credit union?
The most memorable has to be the 1994 Northridge earthquake! MFCU was at the center of the quake and had a lot of damage, but we managed to open our doors to members the next day.We had folding card tables set up in the lobby and loan department. We even offered members affected by the earthquake a low-rate emergency loan at 6.7% - the earthquake was 6.7 magnitude.

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