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Pam Burdick
Member Since: 1964
What was the credit union like when you joined?
I was 8 years old when my Dad opened my account for me. My Dad – George Hawkes – was actually the original Treasurer of the credit union. He was always having members come to his little corner office in Sierra Tower North. At the time he was the Accounting Department Chair, as well as a Professor. I remember him saying, “Gee, we got lucky on a Friday. We had the loans approved and someone came in with a deposit at the end of the day!”

He was one of the first Professors to join the University, and being a Treasurer had always been his passion. It was a great group of people that wanted to do something for people on campus – the staff and faculty - that would have this kind of vehicle. I remember it was pretty exciting when this whole thing started. He used to bring home boxes of forms from the credit union with his rubber stamp that said Matadors Federal, thousands of them. And I got to help. He loved being the Treasurer, it was fun for him. He had been a CPA with Price Waterhouse prior to becoming a professor.

In 1972, I worked at the credit union for a semester. It was my first job. I was a clerk - my job duties were to greet members and take deposit and loan paperwork, and help members with their paperwork. When I worked there, there were only five employees and not everybody worked all the time. The credit union, at that time, was located off campus, on Prairie in the Annex building. At that time, the credit union offered savings accounts, retirement savings, and personal and auto loans.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
I've stayed with the credit union really for sentimental reasons. To me, there is no other credit union to consider. I've always been loyal to MCCU because it's my first one, and for all the obvious reasons. I get the newsletters, I love seeing the growth that's transpired. It's really been something that is kind of a part of my family, that's why I love staying in touch. I remember reading in the newsletter how the credit union was growing and moving into a bigger office. I'd be on the sidelines saying, “Yeah!”

Due to personal reasons, my account was closed but I wanted to keep the original account number. It meant a lot to me.

How has the Credit Union helped you over the years?
The credit union helped me finance my first – and second – car. Even though I didn't always live near the credit union, I've stayed. I'm very proud of my dad and what he did, but pleased how, in the big picture, everyone benefits. To me, credit union's have that special family orientation where everyone contributes. It's very personal.

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