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Warren Campbell
Member Since: 1963
Occupation in 1963: Political Science Professor at San Fernando Valley State College

Account(s) Opened: Savings Account

What was the credit union like when you joined?
I joined the CU the first year it was established. My first memory is there was an office on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the admin building on campus. I remember standing at the small counter and signing up.

Why did you join the credit union as opposed to a bank or another financial institution?
I think the great appeal of the credit union was that it was that it was ours, it was local. It was so related to the university you felt as though they were supporting us and we needed to support them. It was a feeling of mutual service.

Why have you stayed with MCCU for so many years?
The credit union's services are always so convenient. We enjoy working with the credit union because they enjoy working with us.

Annually we would take a small loan to go on our family vacation. We have also used the credit union to finance a new car, so we've taken out auto loans, maybe three times.

My wife has a nursery school and I occasionally need business services. So one of the things we've used is a line of credit for the use of the nursery school when we've needed money temporarily for that. That's another great help from the credit union.

For over 20 years we have been the funding source for a village school in Ecuador. My wife helped establish it with a former employee at Cal State, Northridge. We need to send money to them four times a year. So one of the services that is so important to us is the wire transfer of the money that we send to the small rural village school that has meant so much to the kids in South America. Some of those children have gone on to high school and one or two have gone on to University.

The school is for the children, but equally for the parents, who learn valuable parenting skills. Children thrive on the activities that the nursery school can offer. So the credit union has been a really useful institution for us. MCCU has been a helpful companion for us all these years.

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