Business Savings Accounts


Your Business Savings Account is your primary membership account. Once this account is established, you can use any of our Business Products and Services.


Business Savings

  • $5 minimum to open
  • No monthly service charge when minimum daily balance of $100 is maintained
  • $1,000 to earn dividends
  • Can be used as Overdraft Protection for Business Checking
  • Business ATM Card available


Have extra money you want to keep in a liquid account that will earn higher dividends? MCCU's Business Savers Plus, our version of a Money Market account, is the account for you.


Business Savers Plus

  • Earn higher dividends
  • Tiered dividend rates
  • $1,000 minimum to open
  • Write up to 3 checks per month


Want to earn even higher dividends? Don't need the funds for a while? Open a Business Share Certificate account and earn more!


Business Share Certificates

  • Earn higher dividends with a term Certificate
  • 6-Month and 12-Month terms
  • $10,000 minimum to open


Self Employed? We also offer SEP IRAs for you and your employees! Find out more here.


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