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Oops… Write an Accidental NSF Check?

It can happen to any of us. You forget to enter a debit in your checkbook… Your overdraft loan or available share transfer limit is exceeded… the next thing you know, you have an NSF item… and a high merchant fee! But for qualified members, MCCU can fix that… with Courtesy Pay!


Courtesy Pay Is NOT A Loan. MCCU can apply the Courtesy Pay privilege to cover checks and withdrawals drawn on accounts that don't have enough money to cover them. It prevents the embarrassment of a bounced check AND… prevents the exorbitant NSF fees charged by many merchants, sometimes as high as $50!


Courtesy Pay Works Like This

When a check or withdrawal is presented to MCCU, we pay it from available funds in your account. If there are non-sufficient funds, and all Overdraft Protection options on your account have been exhausted, we will consider paying the item if you qualify for Courtesy Pay. Your account will then show a negative balance… and it is your responsibility to bring your account to a positive status within 30 days.


Courtesy Pay Covers these Transactions:

  • Checks written on your MCCU checking account
  • MasterMoney Check Card transactions (one-time transactions require opt-in)
  • ACH transactions (automatic debits from your checking account)
  • ATM transactions (opt-in required)
  • Bill Payer transactions


Who Is Eligible

Courtesy Pay is automatically available to all MCCU checking account holders who meet specific criteria. Account holders in good standing and not under administrative/legal order or a Levy are generally eligible. There is no need to apply. If you qualify, the Credit Union will set a specific limit for your checking account based on, but not limited to, your length of membership and account history.*


* Limits may vary up to a maximum of $1,000.00 per checking account.


The Cost? Surprisingly Affordable!

Each time MCCU pays a bounced check or withdrawal for you with Courtesy Pay, you will be charged $32. That's all - you won't be charged anything else, by us or by the merchant.


Some restrictions may apply. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information. Or call us at (818) 993-6328.


See full disclosure for details.



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