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Looking for higher savings yields and greater flexibility? Not comfortable with fluctuations in the stock market? MCCU offers three outstanding certificate programs to help savers meet investment goals with greater ease… and with federally-insured safety.


Regular Certificates… Choose from SEVEN Terms!

This multi-purpose certificate program is ideal for new investors with limited funds… AND it can benefit anyone who is ready to commit larger amounts for a longer term.

  • LOW MINIMUM Opening Deposit of $1,000!
  • Deposits of $10,000 or more earn HIGHER YIELDS!
  • Can be used for your IRA, too!
  • CUSTOMIZE your investment with a choice of seven terms, from 12 to 60 months.


Flex Certificates

Need to invest for a SHORT TERM but still want account flexibility AND higher yields? This program is for you! It offers:

  • Choice of 3-month or 6-month terms
  • Minimum deposit of $2,500
  • MAKE ADDITIONAL DEPOSITS anytime, in amounts of $500 or more


Flex Plus Certificate

No wonder this program is so popular with MCCU members… it offers deposit AND withdrawal options for maximum flexibility! Just look how hard it works for you:

  • Choose 7-month or 12-month terms
  • Minimum deposit of $2,500 for 7-month term
  • Minimum deposit of $15,000 for 12-month term
  • MAKE ADDITIONAL DEPOSITS anytime, in amounts of $500 or more
  • ONE PENALTY-FREE WITHDRAWAL allowed anytime after seven days of opening this certificate, provided the minimum opening balance is maintained


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