Social Security Fraud


Social Security funds are a favorite target of scam artists. Here's a scam that is especially tempting… so don't fall for it!


"We'll help you get a Social Security Tax Refund." Yeah, Right…


Have you received an offer to help you get a tax refund from the Social Security Administration? Don't fall for it… the law doesn't allow a refund for Social Security taxes previously paid!



The tax refund scam typically promises to get you a refund on a portion of your total lifetime Social Security taxes paid. However: "It will cost up to $100 to process the paperwork," and "You'll owe a percentage of the refund back to the company." The scam artist takes your $100 up-front fee and disappears. The percentage of the refund owed back to the company is just another lie… created by the scam artists to make the offer seem legitimate.


The IRS has blocked about 1,100 false claims totaling $95 million. If you know of any company that currently offers this service, or have been the victim of such a scam, call the IRS fraud hotline toll free at (800) 829-0433.


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